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Carolann FitzPatrick

MI Classrooms 3 - 5


My name is Carolann FitzPatrick.
I am a Special Education Teacher in the Multi Intensive-Intermediate Center Program at Sabin World Elementary School. I have worked here for five years. I graduated from UNC in Greeley with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts degree. Even though this is a center program, my students are integrated into their general education classrooms at their grade level so they can spend time with their peers and socialize. In my experience, children learn best from other children. Every year, it is excited to see how my students learn from their peers in the general education setting, and how their peers learn from them. All of the Teachers, Paraprofessionals and Students at Sabin are the best, they accept everyone. The students in the Multi Intensive-Intermediate Center Program are not only my students, they are our students. My classroom is open to anyone who would like to observe my program.