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LuAnn Hale-Grams




From the Sabin Art Room….
Hello Sabin student artists and families,
My name is LuAnn Hale-Grams. I have enjoyed teaching your children at Sabin for the past thirteen years and have been fortunate to be a teacher in the Bear Valley area for the last twenty-five years. I have also taught at East High School in DPS and have been a teacher in four other states besides Colorado. I have my Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master’s of Education from the University of Arkansas. I was born in Kansas, grew up in Arkansas and I have now lived in Colorado for the past thirty years. As a child, I was drawing all the time and as all children, a natural inquirer. To the dismay of my parents, I found I could turn my record player into a potters wheel, using the red Arkansas clay.
In my spare time I enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, golf (I’ve tried sky-diving, Pike’s Peak Marathon and rock climbing) and spending time with my family. I also enjoy creating art and music. I met a goal of mine this past year in doing Ride the Rockies, which was a lot of fun and a real challenge. My husband and I have two children who are now in college, a dog, two cats and an occasional fish.