Discovery Link – Before and After School!

About Discovery Link:
Our purpose is to provide high quality educational, recreational and cultural opportunities for children. Kaleidoscope Corner’s philosophy is to provide a creative, safe and caring environment for children before and after the regular school day. We believe that choice is essential for children’s growth and happiness. We teach children to solve their own problems by modeling correct behavior and emphasizing clear conduct guidelines. Our child care centers are staffed with qualified professionals trained in the areas of CPR, First Aid, and activity planning and behavior management. Kaleidoscope Corner operates Monday-Friday with the following program components and hours of operation.
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Daily Schedule 

Before School time- 6:30 am- 8:15 am 

Afterschool- 3:15pm- 6:00pm 

Daily Before and After School Schedule:


  • Attendance and Child-centers
  • Bathroom Break and Snack
  • Afternoon Welcome and Warm-Up Exercise/Movement

Choice activities:

  • Homework Help / D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read)
  • Project Based Learning
  • Athletics, Games, and Movement
  • Reflection
  • Group Reflection and Team-Builder
  • Continuation of Projects
  • Child-centers

Noel Emerson:

My name is Noel Emerson and I am the Program Specialist for Discovery Link formerly known as Kaleidoscope corner.  I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the Sabin Community for a year and also a team player for Denver public schools for five years!

My staff and I are delighted to have Sabin students in the Discovery Link Early Riser and/or After School program, and look forward to sharing the school year together with him/her. As an educator, I want to create an environment that will foster a passion for knowledge. Discovery Link is a tool to connect the community with the social, emotional, and academic needs for all children. Thereby enhancing their performance and improving behavior within the classroom.

I believe that the best way to ensure the success is connecting our community, to the school, to families, and to the program is to have open communication with teachers, parents and Discovery Link Staff so please feel free to discuss your questions, concerns, comments, and suggestions with myself and staff at any time. I am excited and ready for an awesome year at Sabin World Elementary! 

The Amazing Discovery Link Staff

Anna Dominguez:

My name is Anna Dominguez; I am a program leader teacher at Discovery link. This year I will only be at the early riser program, however I am at Sabin the rest of the time.  My hobbies include painting on canvas with friends, spending time with my family, singing karaoke. My goal in Discovery Link is to make the kids and parents feel welcomed by greeting them with a smile every day. In addition, creating a safe environment in which all children can thrive to be successful. Teachers and I will collaborate to develop lessons that work in building the students social, emotional and physical skills.

Abigail Biergans

Hello my name is Abigail Biergans. This is my second year working for Discovery Link at Sabin World School and I am very happy to meet all of my new students and welcome my old ones back. I am a high school graduate and moving on to college to study early childhood education at CCD, and hope to accomplish a lot by working closely with all my students. My hobbies include drawing, writing, shopping, eating and spending time with my family.

Tobie Martinez

Hello Sabin Parents, my name is Tobie Martinez. I am twenty three years old and I am a Colorado native. I am excited to start shaping futures here at Sabin. My vibrant personality has been shaped by many ambitions, adventures, and a strong family connections. I bring new approaches to our curriculum. Psychical fitness to me is just as important for children’s develop and math as well. I will challenge your children to apply the lessons to their daily lives. My hobbies incudes running, painting, writing, and reading science/medical journals.

Areli Delgado

My name is Areli Delgado, this is my second year at Sabin.  I have a six year old daughter that attends Sabin. As a person, I love to dance, play outside and spend time with my family. My interest in becoming a part of the Discovery Link team came after volunteering in Ms. Kris classroom last year. While helping I found that amazing feeling that comes when knowing I could give back to children.  Therefore, I am excited about being a part of your child’s educational experience!

Contact Information: 

Anna Dominguez- Program Specialist Sabin World School

Lunchroom: 720-424-4535 


Licensed Program Supervisor

Cell: 720-448-7258

0ffice: 720-423-1768

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