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Fidget Toys at Sabin

Posted 05/12/2017

Many students have been bringing fidget toys to school. The fidget toys are promoted by their various manufacturers as helpful to children and adults with anxiety, autism, ADD and ADHD and have proven successful for student with identified needs. If you believe your child needs a fidget to be successful, the following information may be helpful to keep in mind. Fidgets should be:

Silent: Your child won’t get shushed for disturbing the class.

Unobtrusive: Children with disabilities don’t want to draw attention to themselves; fidgets should fit in a fist.

Tactile (not visual): Fidgets shouldn’t draw restless eyes away from the teacher

Safe: Kids can choke on small items; some stretchy fidgets sting when they snap.

Tools (not toys): Balls shouldn’t bounce, for instance-too distracting

Inexpensive: They’re likely to be lost (like their lunch bags)

Teacher-approved: Consult the teacher before sending in new items.

Please do not send your child to school with a Fidget or any other toy as you may be asked to pick the toy up at the office or from the teacher after school. Thank you in advance for keeping our learning environments free from unnecessary distractions.