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 A critical component of a student’s success in school is dependent on what and how they learn at home. The Toolkit for Parents and Families is a collection of materials and resources that will help parents and families understand the New York State education reform initiatives and how the changes will help your child graduate from high school ready for college and careers. We encourage parents and families to use these tools in conjunction with resources and information you receive from your child’s school and teachers. We will continue to build upon this toolkit as we receive feedback from educators and families.

In the Toolkit for Parents and Families:

The Common Core State Standards are important because they will help all children – no matter who they are – learn the same skills. They create clear expectations for what your child should know and be able to do in key areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening, language and mathematics. If you know what these expectations are, then you can work with the teacher and help your child prepare.

Watch the videos below for an overview of the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics.

The Common Core in English Language Arts/Literacy: Overview The Common Core in Mathematics: Overview

To see how the Common Core Instructional Shifts outlined in these videos are broken down, see the Common Core Video Series.