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Sabin Specials Team

Welcome to the Sabin Specials Team!

At Sabin, student’s have the opportunity to enrich their learning with 7 additional “specials” classes.  Students rotate through these extra classes,  and have to opportunity to express their knowledge in many different ways. Please see below for details about each class, and follow links to the individual teacher’s webpages for additional information:

ART with Luann Hale-Grams

In the art room, our units of study revolve around the Colorado Arts Academic Standards. The units of study also support and make connections to the IBPYP program of inquiry by grade level.

Your student’s progress in art will be assessed through the art standards of

  1. Observe and learn to Comprehend
  2. Envision and critique to Reflect
  3. Invent and discover to Create
  4. Relate and Connect to Transfer


Art is a language through which people explore ways to communicate personal ideas, thoughts and emotions.

“I can use art to tell our personal stories.” Kindergarteners are learning about the expressive features that artists use to tell their stories such as line, color, pattern and texture. Students have read “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds and “The Squiggle” by Carole Schaffer as we explore seeing where drawing takes us.

Grade 1:

Visual art connects experiences to self, family, friends and the world around us. We used collage and the expressive features of art (pattern, line, color) to show how rules help us in the art room and in the world. Students have learned about artist Henri Matisse who used coll’age and about drawing with scissors.

Grade 2:

Artist use reflection and relate to community. “ I can use art to reflect and relate to community.”

Students are exploring how they and other artists express feelings and show emotion with their art. Students are creating self portraits and “selfies” with connections to their emotions and the IBPYP learner profile. Students are learning about artist Guiseppe Archimboldo and his “crazy” fruit & vegetable portraits nearly 500 years ago in Italy.

Grade 3:

Purposeful art making. “ I can create art and community with folk art”.

Students are making connections with the folk art of friendship bracelets, which originated in Latin America. Students are working with string, yarn, braiding and weaving and thinking about the communities that they are a part of and how they contribute.

Grade 4:

Meaning in Art –” I can learn and investigate the world in many ways”. Students learned about the purpose behind an artwork and looked at mandala’s around the world. Students explored learning styles and chose their four strongest. We then created a radial balanced artwork with the four learning styles. Students will chose, plan and create a final radial balance project.

Grade 5:

Personal Intent –” I can use art to express personal and objective points of view visually. “

Students are making a wish for their community, their world and creating a unique symbol to share those ideas. Students will research Milagros through many centuries and cultures and use this medium to create their wish for the community or world with metal relief.

As always, I am amazed daily by our wonderful artists at Sabin World Elementary.

Mrs. Hale-Grams

Sabin Visual Arts Web Page

World Language with Karen Carmean

The World Language program here at Sabin are preparing students to receive the DPS Seal of Biliteracy Pathways award at the completion of 5th grade and the official Seal of Biliteracy upon graduation. This is currently in the process of becoming a state recognized seal.  El programa aquí en Sabin prepara su hij@ para recibir el Seal of Biliteracy cuando gradúen.  También hay premios de reconocimiento que recibirán en el 5o y el 8o grado.

Tenemos un programa por los hispanohablantes para enseñarlos como escribir y leer en su lengua natal. We have a heritage Spanish program here at Sabin to support native Spanish speakers develop their reading and writing skills in Spanish which is directly aligned with their Unit of Inquiry in their homeroom class.
In the Spanish class here at Sabin we use an approach called Total Comprehensible Input, or TCI.  This means that Spanish is used at least 90% in the classroom instead of English. This class will help your student to ACQUIRE Spanish (similar to the way a baby learns a language) and develop fluency rather than just memorizing information.  Your child will be very active in class – gesturing, acting, drawing, writing, and lots of reading. 

Music with Melissa Grundy

Hello, I am Melissa Grundy Sabin’s music teacher. This is my third year here enjoying your talented students. We spend our year exploring and developing our skills through games, songs, and performances. Our Big performances this year include, a 1st grade musical “Bugs” and the 4th grade musical “Pirates the Musical”. We will also have a few smaller, informal performances, as well as after school Choir. Please follow the link to my Weebly page for more information on individual grade levels.

Sabin World Music Website

If you would like to see what your student will be learning by the end of their grade level. Please click the link below.

Music Guide to 5th Grade      Music Guide to 4th Grade      Music Guide to 3rd Grade    Music Guide to 2nd Grade    Music Guide to 1st Grade    Guide to Kindergarten

Melissa Grundy


Physical Education with Coach Mike Bania

Hello again to student, families, and friends here at Sabin World.  This year I’m proud to say that I’ll be working with your children once again teaching Physical Education!!!  So far this year we’ve been playing new and exciting games bringing cutting edge Physical Education into the classroom.  My philosophy of using games to teach and evaluate is something I know your children will love in my classroom!  Parents please feel free to drop in anytime to play, observe or just say hello!  

Be Well Everybody, Coach Bania

Physical Education and Dance with Coach Jennifer Smith

Welcome to an exciting year in Physical Education.. I am Jennifer Smith, I am one of the P.E. teachers here at Sabin. I teach K-2 as well as 4th and 5th grade P.E. In the intermediate level, we are learning about Fitness right now. Fitness is an ongoing learning experience throughout the year and will be connected to each of our units. The students are learning that we need to be able to perform Health Related and Skill Related components of fitness in order to achieve success in the variety of activities we will be participating in.  This year we are lucky to have 2 sections of P.E. at the primary level. My K-2 classes are a Health based Physical Education. We will be learning Health concepts through physical activity movements. This class used to be a Dance class, we have shifted towards Physical Education standards. We are currently learning about nutrition, and how our body feels when we perform physical activity without the proper fuel.

At the elementary level students are exposed to experiences that encourage them to enjoy physical activity. Through effective practices students will learn to value the effects of physical activity and its roll on positive lifelong health and well-being. Students will be encouraged to explore, take risks, exhibit curiosity, work with others cooperatively and achieve a personal health enhancing level of physical fitness. The elementary physical education program is well balanced. Every student is provided with an opportunity to develop decision making and problem solving skills. The program embraces differences in students’ interests, potential and cultures.


If you would like to see what your student will be learning by the end of their grade level. Please click the link below.

Physical Education Guide to 5th Grade   Physical Education Guide to 4th Grade   Physical Education Guide to 3rd Grade   Guide to 2nd Grade   Guide to 1st Grade   Guide to Kindergarten

I’m excited to be a part of the Sabin family and can’t wait to see how these students grow. The door is always open to come visit and see what is going on.

Jennifer Smith



SMARTLab with Jeffrey McMahon and Mr. Alonso

Room 102

Mr. Jeffrey McMahon – SmartLab Teacher

Mr. Alonso Barraza_Gallardo – SmartLab Facilitator

Welcome the Sabin SmartLab!  This year will be an exciting year as students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade will have scheduled rotations to come in and explore, discover and extend their learning while using some pretty amazing and innovative educational programs and tools!  We will begin our rotations with a Literary focus, and will focus on Speaking, Listening, Writing, Technological and Collaboration standards.  Our goal is to have all students able to present about their work using complete and correct sentences, as per each grade level’s expectations.

In the SmartLab, we have a Teacher and a Paraprofessional who will be facilitating the student experiences in the lab.  Mr Jeffrey McMahon (teacher) will be the primary SmartLab Teacher for Kindergarten through 3rd grade, and Mr.  Alonso Barraza-Gallardo (paraprofessional) who will be the primary SmartLab facilitator for 4th and 5th Grade.

Throughout the year,  students will gain technological and computers skills while learning about many software/online programs such as Google Apps for education as well as creating digital and online animation and graphic arts programs.  There is also a multitude of tools (Lego Simple Machines, Knex, ZomeTools, Makey Makey, etc) that students will be learning how to use this year.

The SmartLab truly is a magical place where students can explore sharing their knowledge and learning in many different ways.  Ask your students about their experience so far, and as always, the SmartLab doors are open if you would like to visit us!


Jeffrey McMahon



Alonso Barraza- Gallardo

Library with Sandy Devlin

Hello, I am Sandy Devlin, the Library Technician at Sabin World Elementary.  I’m looking forward to meeting you and am really excited to be working with your children in the library this year!
We will be reading and checking out books almost every week, and I encourage the students to take their books home to share with you at night.  Reading with your children every day is the best way you can encourage your child to become a life-long reader.  We want to support you in your daily reading time as much as we can.  Sabin has worked hard to build up the library and we now have a very nice collection of literature for children.  We would like for you and your children to be reading these books at home as well as in the classrooms.
With your permission, your child/ren will be acquiring a new responsibility. He or she will be given the opportunity to check out a book/s from the school library. Students have been asked to keep their book/s in a safe place away from pets, younger brothers and sisters, and crayons.   All library books are due back at each library visit. When returning library books, be sure they are in the same condition as when checked out so that other children may have a chance to enjoy them. Please make every effort to ensure the library book/s are returned on time. We do not charge any late fees, but if the book is damaged or lost, a replacement fee will be charged.
If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity with your child, please complete the form below and return it to school.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at
Ms. Sandy
Best Regards,
Library Tech/STR
Sabin World Elementary School
Direct Line: 720-424-4534

You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax. All you need is a book. – Dr. Seuss