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Safety & Security

Please see the information below regarding safety and security at Sabin.  Listed below are off-campus evacuation routes if needed.

In the event of an emergency at Sabin, you can contact:

For Security related questions call Dispatch at 720-423-3911 or Administration 720-423-3475

If we need to evacuate the building, there are two walking evacuation locations, and two off-site Bus locations.

Able To Walk To–


1st Evacuation: St. Andrew Presbyterian Church

Contact Person: Rev. Matthew Johnstone (253) 677-3973


Address: 3096 S. Sheridan Blvd.

Phone: 303-934-5644

2nd Evacuation: Denver Public Library – Bear Valley Branch

Contact Person: Jamar Rahming

Address: 5171 W. Dartmouth, Denver 80236

Phone: 720-865-0975


Two Off-Campus Emergency Evacuation Locations—Transportation Required–


1st Evacuation Location via Bus: Abraham Lincoln High School

Contact Person: Josafina Petit-Higa

Address: 2285 S. Federal Blvd.

Phone: 720-432-5000

2nd Evacuation Location via Bus: Kaiser Elementary School

Contact Person: Elinor Roller

Address: 4500 S. Quitman St.

Phone: 720-424-6210