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Colorful wall art by first graders

Welcome to the Sabin Essentials Team!

At Sabin, student’s have the opportunity to enrich their learning with 7 additional “essentials” classes.  Students rotate through these extra classes,  and have to opportunity to express their knowledge in many different ways.


Hi! I’m Krissy Aducci.

I have been teaching visual art in DPS since 2004. It has been an incredible journey to learn and grow and make art with my students. 

About Me: I am a mountain girl – I grew up in Glenwood Springs and lived in Steamboat Springs for many years. I absolutely love all of the mountain activities our state has to offer. Snowboarding, hiking, camping, and going to hot springs are a few of my favorites. I try to visit the mountains as often as I can. Some of my favorite city activities include riding bicycles with Denver cruiser clubs and practicing aerial silks with Gravity Aerial Arts. 

In the art room, our units of study revolve around the Colorado Arts Academic Standards. The units of study also support and make connections to the IBPYP program of inquiry by grade level.

Krissy Adducci

Your student’s progress in art will be assessed through the art standards of

  1. Observe and Learn to Comprehend
  2. Envision and Critique to Reflect
  3. Invent and Discover to Create
  4. Relate and Connect to Transfer


PERSONAL STORIES  “I can use art to tell my personal stories.” Art is a language through which people explore ways to communicate personal ideas, thoughts and emotions. Kindergarteners learn about the expressive features that artists use to tell their stories such as line, color, pattern and texture. Students read books such as “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds and “The Squiggle” by Carole Schaffer as we explore seeing where drawing takes us.

Grade 1:

SHARED STORIES “ I can use my art to connect experiences of self, family, friends and the world around me.” Sharing stories through the creation of art is an imaginative form of visual literacy. Visual art connects experiences to self, family, friends and the world around us. We use collage and the expressive features of art (pattern, line, color) to show how rules help us in the art room and in the world. Students learn about artists such as Henri Matisse who used coll’age and about drawing with scissors.

Grade 2:

Inventive Ideas “ I can create art using inventive ideas.” Inventive ideas in art arrive through reflection and collaboration when relating prior knowledge and experiences to new information and ideas. Students are exploring how they and other artists express feelings and show emotion with their art. Students create self portraits and “selfies” while making connections to their emotions and the IBPYP learner profile. Students learn about artist Guiseppe Archimboldo and his “crazy” fruit & vegetable portraits nearly 500 years ago in Italy.

Grade 3:

Purposeful Art Making “I can create art with purpose.” Finding purpose in art making is an investigative process requiring exploration, experimentation and communication. Students make connections to purposeful art making through exploring folk arts, cultures, self, and the connections they have made.

Grade 4:

Meaning in Art  “I can plan and create art that is meaningful, sharing those ideas with others in reflecting through speaking or writing”. Meaning in art is developed by investigating ideas of personal interest through the planning, creation, and interpretation of artwork. Students think about the purpose behind an artwork and look at” Mandala’s around the World” and use this to create radial design. Students explore learning styles and connections to their own learning. Students use planning, creating and reflecting as they create art with meaning.

Grade 5:

Personal Intent  “I can use art to express personal and objective points of view visually.” Personal intent is achieved by creating artwork from a personal perspective using strategies for planning and reflecting. Students make a wish for their community, their world and create a unique symbol to share those ideas. Students research Milagros through many centuries and cultures and use this medium to create their wish for the community or world with metal relief.

World Language

World Language

World Languages will be available for the 24/25 school year. Performing Arts has replaced World Language for the 23/24 school year


Music with Melissa Grundy

Hello, I am Melissa Grundy Sabin’s music teacher. This is my third year here enjoying your talented students. We spend our year exploring and developing our skills through games, songs, and performances. Our Big performances this year include, a 1st grade musical “Bugs” and the 4th grade musical “Pirates the Musical”. We will also have a few smaller, informal performances, as well as after school Choir. Please follow the link to my Weebly page for more information on individual grade levels.

Sabin World Music Website

See what your student will be learning by the end of their grade level:

Melissa Grundy

Physical Education

Physical Education with Mr. Petro

My name is George Petro and I am so excited to be the physical education teacher at Sabin World Elementary.  As a physical educator I aim to provide students with opportunities to explore various physical activities that help build a foundation for lifelong wellness. My hope is for every student to walk away with positive feelings towards movement and excitement for a healthy, active future.

While students will be participating in different activities and learning experiences across grade levels, the same core standards will be addressed and evaluated for every individual.

  1. Movement Competence and Understanding
  2. Physical and Personal Wellness
  3. Emotional and Social Wellness
  4. Prevention and Risk Management

Please help prepare your student by ensuring they have proper clothing and footwear for physical education and never hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

George Petro

See what your student will be learning by the end of their grade level:


Library – Ms. Carrie

Students check out books weekly or every other week depending on their class. ECE-2 can check out two books at a time and 3-5 can check out three books. Questions about the library? Contact

Performing Arts

Performing Arts with Christine Dunning