What is Exhibition?

Exhibition is the culminating project 5th graders complete in their final year of the Primary Years Program (PYP). Students are able to share their understanding about a real life topic they have learned about. At Sabin we use the UN Sustainability Goals for students to brainstorm themes they would like to investigate. Students demonstrate their international-mindedness through their completed projects and the action steps they take to try and help solve the problem they identify.

These students chose UN Sustainability Goal 14 – Life Below Water. Their project focused on waste in the ocean and how to prevent it from getting worse. For their action plan they wrote a letter to a grocery store asking them to switch out their plastic bags for disposable ones.
These students focused on UN Sustainability Goal 15 – Life On Land. They focused on a nearby ecosystem, Bear Creek Park. For their action they initiated a cleanup day.
These students focused on UN Sustainability Goal 13 – Climate Action. They did a slideshow to present ways to take action for climate change.

Are you interested in mentoring a group for our next Exhibition? Please email carrie_hartman@dpsk12.net.