Staff Equity Work

2021-2022 – Our staff took The Equity Experience, a DPS-created professional development series.

2022-2023 – Our staff participates in monthly Equity Cohorts. Our goal at Sabin is every classroom has multiple representations of the diverse cultures we serve, students engage in diverse texts to serve as windows and mirrors, and that all students’ voices are uplifted and valued. We will create ongoing opportunities for students to feel brave, safe, and respected. All students including Students of Color, Multi-Language Learners, and Students With Disabilities are encouraged to take social, emotional and academic risks and to be their authentic selves.

2023-2024 – The following goals were finalized as a focus point for Sabin’s equity work in the 2023-2024 academic year:

  1. ALL students shoulder the cognitive lift in the classroom
  2. Systems and Protocols in place to address the microaggressions that occur staff to staff, staff to student, and student to student.
  3. Cross-analysis of SPS and BESS data, and action steps to address and balance the data.
  4. Value all data equally (social emotional, academic, attendance).
  5. Improve Attendance
  6. Personalized and Asset-Based “stories” about each student and families

In addition to these goals, Sabin’s focus with equity cohorts and PL’s has been action items that lead to implemented changes school-wide.